The Canadian Tire Care for Kids Golf Tournament


Canadian Tire

Canadian Tire is a very active company in our community and believes strongly in building up local agencies with their support.  Canadian Tire has numerous charitable events throughout the year along with their national fundraising campaign called Jumpstart Canadian Tire stores are locally owned and operated.  Our first store opened in Lethbridge 28 years ago which is currently located on the north side.  The Southside store opened in May 2000.  Your local Canadian Tire stores support many Charities and organizations in Lethbridge and the surrounding area.  We are strong supporters of the Lethbridge Food Bank and the Boys and Girls Club.  We are very happy to be hosting this tournament to help raise funds to these two very important organizations in our community. Corporate Knights has ranked Canadian Tire as one of the 50 best corporate citizens in Canada, recognizing our social, ethical and environmental performance.  For more information check out the website


The Boys and Girls Club of Lethbridge and District

The Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge and District provides out-of-school opportunities for children ages 5-11. We also offer free opportunities for youth aged 11-19. Our free evening drop-in program provides a safe and fun place for teens to spend time with positive role models, friends, and community members.  Our teen program focuses on building healthy relationships, having fun, and encouraging young people to spend their free time in a productive manner. More than 300 unique children and youth come through our doors every year from many different socio-economic backgrounds. We strive to ensure children have access to quality out-of-school programming which is when children are at their most vulnerable. There is always something fun to do at the club, but we always strive to ensure there is a learning component to everything we do. We offer programming throughout the year including PD Days, Holidays, and summertime. Our facility is fully licensed and accredited and our team members are qualified to provide a high standard of interaction and engagement with kids. For more information please go to


Lethbridge Food Bank Society

The purpose of The Lethbridge Food Bank Society is to provide food to those who need it in a non-judgmental atmosphere while preserving the dignity of our clients.  We believe we have an obligation to meet human needs and that access to food is a human right. Acknowledging the disparity in the availability of resources among Canadians and recognizing that while food banks will be needed for the foreseeable future, they are only a temporary response for those living in poverty.  We provide monthly food hampers to our clients along with bread and produce on a twice weekly basis.  We are working very hard to ensure that the children of Lethbridge don’t go to school hungry by working closely with schools and clubs.  Last year over 41,000 people received food and supplies from the Lethbridge Food Bank and 42% of them were children.    More information about the Lethbridge Food Bank can be found at our website at



Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday August 6th, 2015

What a great day for golf at Paradise Canyon!
Thank you so much from the Lethbridge Food Bank and the Boys & Girls Club of Lethbridge for your continued support.